YouTube Success in Just 32 Days: How to Start Making Money Now! 1 -

YouTube Success in Just 32 Days: How to Start Making Money Now!

Story YouTube Success in Just 32 Days: How to Start Making Money Now!

Many individuals mistakenly assume that success on YouTube is solely the result of luck, with the mysterious algorithm randomly elevating channels to viral status. While this viewpoint holds some truth, the path to YouTube stardom involves more than luck.


My 4 YouTube Channels

This current YouTube channel is my fourth attempt at success. Prior attempts failed due to an insufficient understanding of YouTube's algorithmic rules. After these mishaps, however, I had the chance to connect and study successful YouTubers around me, allowing me to discern key distinctions that set thriving channels apart from those that fizzle out. In this article, we'll take a closer look at these discrepancies, and I am thrilled to share them with you now!


My YouTube Journey

YouTube Success in Just 32 Days: How to Start Making Money Now! 2 -
YouTube Success in Just 32 Days: How to Start Making Money Now! 2 –

Five years ago, I was a struggling individual earning just $400 per week at my day job with no savings or connections. To try and gain some traction on YouTube, I started my first channel, which eventually failed. Since then, three more failed YouTube channels followed suit along with numerous other failed business ventures; however, last month alone, all sources combined generated over $60,000 in income; I hope to reach one million dollars by the end of next year.

I know what it's like to live paycheck-to-paycheck and dread the monotony of a 9-to-5 job. After failing at multiple businesses, including three prior YouTube channels, I finally realized that creating content on YouTube was what I wanted to pursue. After promising myself not to give up this time, my decision has paid off immensely.

At first, my channel's beginnings were turbulent. My posting schedule was inconsistent, and I lacked the focus to build a successful channel. But things began changing once I committed serious effort to grow it – specifically by doing three things consistently over one month that proved instrumental in its growth.

I refer to these three elements as the YT3 or YouTube Three. If you can successfully combine all three, there's no doubt that you will achieve success on YouTube. But all three factors must be utilized together; channels that only focus on one or two factors still struggle to grow and succeed.

In this article, I'll outline the three essential components that enabled my channel to succeed. If you follow these steps, I am sure you can experience similar outcomes.


Content Quality

YouTube Success in Just 32 Days: How to Start Making Money Now! 3 -
YouTube Success in Just 32 Days: How to Start Making Money Now! 3 –

Success on YouTube requires more than simply creating content. Quality matters, and while low-quality material was once acceptable, today, our standards and expectations have changed. When watching a video, many of us expect certain levels of quality – if it fails to meet those standards, it can erode our trust in the YouTuber.

To improve the quality of my content, I took actionable steps. For instance, I discovered that camera angle is an easy way to enhance your shot without spending a fortune on an expensive camera. Even with a cheaper camera, if you can get your angle right and look professional, the quality of your videos will significantly improve.

Another essential factor when recording is the acoustics in the room. Acoustics are more important than having the best microphone on the market; books, pillows, blankets, and furniture all help improve this environment by stopping sound from bouncing around and creating reverb.

Finally, having high-quality music and sound effects is essential. Utilizing free music from YouTube's free audio library can reduce the quality and originality of your videos. I recommend finding high-quality yet affordable original music, such as Epidemic Sound's extensive library with over 30,000 professionally produced songs across various genres plus 90,000 sound effects. Plus, each song has a “Find Similar” button next to it, which helps you find similar songs based on mood, genre vibe, or BPM. Take advantage of their one-month free trial access to Epidemic Sound's expansive library using my link!

In conclusion, to improve the quality of your content on YouTube, prioritize camera angles, acoustics, and high-quality music and sound effects. Doing so will elevate your videos' appearance and professionalism while giving viewers a better viewing experience.



Beyond video quality, consistency was another essential aspect of my channel. When I began, my posting schedule was highly irregular – one or two videos in one week followed by nothing for several weeks. But soon enough, I understood that consistency was key and inconsistent posting wasn't helping me grow my channel effectively.

I began observing other channels on YouTube and observed those with high-quality content but an inconsistent posting schedule were having difficulty gaining traction. In contrast, channels with consistent posting schedules saw significant growth rates. This insight motivated me to commit to maintaining an organized schedule; my efforts proved successful!

Consistency is paramount for building a loyal audience on YouTube, which is essential for reaching success. Posting consistently incentivizes your viewers to come back regularly and engage with your content. Furthermore, posting consistently can increase your chances of being recommended by the YouTube algorithm – leading to new subscribers and channel growth!

In conclusion, consistency is as essential to YouTube's success as video quality. Adhering to a consistent posting schedule is essential for cultivating an engaged audience and gaining traction on the platform.


Casey Neistat Youtuber

YouTube Success in Just 32 Days: How to Start Making Money Now! 4 -
YouTube Success in Just 32 Days: How to Start Making Money Now! 4 –

Casey Neistat's advice to “show up for work every day” rings true today. Consistent content posting is essential for building a loyal audience and increasing visibility on YouTube. Quality content and consistency are keys to growing your channel; create videos about topics people care about.

To discover popular topics in your niche, research the top channels within that category and filter their videos based on popularity. Doing this can help you recognize trends and topics your viewers are interested in. For example, creating content about famous coffee makers or brewing techniques would make sense if you have a coffee YouTube channel.

Selecting suitable topics is essential for the success of your channel. In some cases, a popular trend or topic can significantly boost views and engagement on your videos. For instance, metaverse stocks or investments were trending in personal finance, and many personal finance channels featured videos about them.

In conclusion, creating quality content, consistency, and selecting relevant topics are paramount to building a successful YouTube channel. Take time to research and identify popular topics within your niche so that your material resonates with viewers and increases your chances of success on YouTube.


End of the Article

At the end of this article, thank you for reading about how to become successful on YouTube. While the algorithm isn't solely responsible for making channels go viral, steps you can take could improve your odds of success. In my journey as a successful YouTuber, I shared how I turned failures into successes by studying other successful creators and understanding what made their channels successful compared to those that failed.

We discussed the significance of high-quality content, consistency in posting, and selecting topics for videos that appeal to your viewers. All three elements are necessary for growing a successful YouTube channel. I provided practical tips on improving video quality by focusing on camera angles and acoustics and using professional music and sound effects. Moreover, we stressed the necessity of consistently posting schedules and selecting topics to engage your viewers.

If you liked this article, please give it a star! Your support means the world to me, and I appreciate everyone who reads my content. Have a fantastic day or night, and I'll see you in the next post!

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