How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 1 -

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly Intro

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 2 -
How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 2 –

Small YouTube channels often make an error preventing their channels from growing: failing to comprehend the YouTube Algorithm. Many creators mistakenly believe the algorithm is some random AI system that gives viewers to specific creators but excludes others; however, this view is inaccurate; YouTube algorithms reflect real viewers watching YouTube.

Watching history is one of the most crucial components in growing a YouTube channel from scratch to an established one. Every time someone views a video on YouTube, their action is recorded within its history of views – increasing the likelihood that users will come across your channel more often on the suggested videos page, homepage, and other browsing features. But how does a small channel integrate into someone's watch history from zero?

That's where search and the search technique come into play. Successful YouTubers have used this strategy to grow their channels from zero, earning millions of viewers. But remember: every big YouTube channel began as a small one. Starting as a smaller channel may prove challenging when making content appear in areas such as suggested video feeds – often called the Holy Grail of YouTube views.

However, if you can access the suggested feeds of other popular YouTube videos, it will significantly boost the growth of your channel. Even if only a fraction of viewers watches multiple clips, your content could quickly go viral. Unfortunately, joining YouTube's suggested feed for the first time can be challenging since this is a small channel. Rather than following suit with everyone else and gaining access to their suggested video feed, let us take an unconventional approach that has proven remarkably successful.

To achieve our content strategy, we'll expand it. We'll compile 30-60 video ideas, and half of them will focus on search engine optimization (SEO). As it's a small channel, its results appear higher in searches than larger channels. Conversely, the other half of the concepts will be modeled off well-known videos to draw some attention from them.

You might wonder why YouTube focuses on search results when we are just starting. This is because they don't know our channel's content when we begin our YouTube journey. So how can they possibly advise who to promote our videos to and who would benefit most if they don't even know what the channel is about? Unfortunately, the answer is none.

The great thing is that we control where YouTube will advertise our videos. We optimize their titles, descriptions, tags, and other metadata to define their content clearly.

By doing this, we can ensure our videos appear in relevant search results and attract viewers intrigued by our offer. As our channel grows and YouTube's algorithm becomes familiar, it will begin recommending our material to broader audiences.

One way to increase our video viewers is by creating videos about keywords with little competition and high volume. This means there aren't many videos about a specific subject, yet many users search for information. With targeting those terms, we don't need to produce videos of equal quality for YouTube success – although creating great content is still essential! We'll explain exactly what that entails and provide tips on how to accomplish it effectively.

The next challenge lies in finding highly sought-after keywords with little competition and high searches. VidIQ can provide us with this solution; using its keyword search feature within VidIQ, we can look for terms related to the content we wish to make videos about.

We can then prioritize content based on its overall score. VidIQ automatically calculates this rating based on competition measured against search volume.

When creating channels whose primary revenue will come from advertising, it's recommended to have at least 10,000 monthly searches. On the other hand, if we're marketing classes or affiliate products on these channels, choosing keywords with lower search volume but higher buyer intent may be acceptable.

Alongside focusing on keywords, quality content is also paramount. That means creating videos that offer educational value and visual appeal. A few easy methods to ensure our videos meet this standard include researching the topic thoroughly and creating an outline before recording, using top-of-the-line equipment, and editing the videos for maximum polish.

Following these guidelines, we can create videos that engage viewers, hold their attention, and encourage them to follow you and share the content.


How do you use keywords?

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 3 -
How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 3 –

Once we've identified these words, we can use them to enhance the quality of our videos and boost search engine traffic. It is recommended to utter certain words directly in the video by saying them out loud because YouTube algorithms check everything discussed within them.

Transcripts are vital for the algorithm and must also be included within the description, title tags, and titles of our videos to ensure we include relevant keywords related to the video content and information. Doing this naturally using natural language is key.

Another tip when using keywords is to select an area that's not being offered by millions of other creators and could potentially provide you with a great source of income. It's also beneficial to research which niches on YouTube you think are popular; I've created an instructional video on this subject on my channel that you can view shortly.

Once we optimize our content to draw in search traffic, it is time to upload it. YouTube recommends uploading at least 50% of what has been optimized for search engine friendly, so they have a good idea of what our material is about and can promote it accordingly. YouTube will also test our submitted material before promoting it to random users.

However, we can also explain the content we're promoting to ensure it is tested with an appropriate audience. Excellent and well-written material will be sent to a wider public if it meets our quality criteria.

After we've conquered the search portion of the equation, we must focus on the other 50% of what we post. You can tap into what I previously described as “the Holy Grail of YouTube.”


How do you model the most well-known videos?

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 4 -
How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 4 –

Let's move on to number two, the surging part of our search and surging equation. How can we locate the most successful models for these videos?

You can utilize the same VidIQ tool I mentioned previously; however, this time, we'll download an extension called The VidIQ Chrome Extension that installs directly inside our browser. When visiting each channel on YouTube, we'll notice an additional tab called “The Trending tab,” which displays content that currently receives the highest number of viewers per hour.

No matter when videos were uploaded, YouTube only displayed those with the highest current viewership rates. This suggests that people are currently interested in this type of content, and the YouTube algorithm has likely been pushing it forward.

Here's how: we visit YouTube and enter search terms relevant to our niche, then view a list of 10 YouTube channels with content similar to what we want to upload.

Since installing the VidIQ extension, we can access their tabs for the latest trends. All we have to do is record titles of popular video views per hour for channels; however, there's one condition: videos must be posted no less than one week prior.

An hour-long video may receive a high view due to being uploaded three hours or two days earlier and being new on the channel. However, if it's already on one of the major channels, those views could be due solely to its importance rather than the quality of the video itself. Therefore, we only consider videos uploaded at least one week before their upload time to prevent this issue.

This also indicates the videos will remain online for an extended period. Uploading them just a month or two after uploading them can ensure they still receive reasonable viewers per hour – generally any number greater than 20.


How do you use the powerful formula for content?

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 5 -
How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 5 –

Success on YouTube requires creating content that attracts a broad audience. To do this, you must apply the formula of valuable content – finding the most beneficial elements from popular videos relevant to your area and incorporating them into your unique work.

YouTube appreciates content that provides viewers with added educational or entertaining value. To guarantee this is the case, start by compiling 30-60 video ideas – half of them should come from search results and the other from recommended tabs of popular videos. This way, your posts are sure to resonate with viewers effectively.

To create valuable content you can use, take each idea for a video as either a keyword or phrase and search for the idea on YouTube. Afterward, go to the three most popular videos that pop up and note their most important aspects in an independent Google document. Ensure your notes are written clearly in your own words and include entertainment value and educational worth.

By incorporating these aspects into your content, you can create valuable videos for viewers that increase viewers and views. This is an effective way to rapidly expand your channel's audience and boost its position in YouTube's algorithm.

Another way to collect essential data for creating content is by reviewing the most popular comments on videos you're studying. Viewers often provide corrections, ask questions or share jokes that gain widespread attention from a broad audience. You will increase your audience's engagement by noting these remarks and including them in the script.

Conducting further research using sites such as Google to uncover the most renowned content related to your topic. Incorporating the best bits of these pieces into your video script will enhance its quality and benefits viewers.

When crafting your script, incorporate your unique voice and include as much of yourself as possible. It is also possible to incorporate personality and a sense of humor to make the material more captivating for readers. When teaching something, ensure that all material is presented logically so viewers can follow along easily. A step-by-step arrangement of information in an organized fashion helps guarantee this is done successfully.


How do you optimize your videos?

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 6 -
How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly as a Small Creator 6 –

Make your videos more effective by creating the most valuable content. Drawing inspiration from popular videos and conducting additional studies, you can craft the most helpful YouTube video on a topic. Once completed, optimize it with accurate thumbnail titles, descriptions, and tags to gain more views and increase your channel's popularity.

Create thumbnails using, Canva, or Snappa to create visually appealing images. For the most effective thumbnail, keep essential elements to a minimum of three, make everything stand out, and fill up as much space as possible; reduce blank or white spaces within the thumbnail for improved readability. Moreover, keep text to a minimum while making it as wide as possible for easy reading.

You may take inspiration from successful thumbnails in your area and tailor them to match your aesthetic, creating the ideal thumbnail to showcase your videos.

To maximize the effectiveness of your content, focus on highly sought-after niches and monetization possibilities. Research articles or videos which outline YouTube's most popular areas and then craft relevant material. Doing this increases the chances that viewers will watch and pay for your videos.

Optimizing your YouTube videos necessitates creating quality content with captivating thumbnails and targeting topics with high demand and potential for monetization. Following these steps will improve your chances of success on YouTube and allow you to expand your channel further.


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