Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 10 -

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face

Discovering a Successful Niche Without Revealing Your Face and Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube

In this article, I'll show you an innovative way to make money on YouTube without showing your face or appearing in front of the camera. You can create captivating videos that generate views and revenue by tapping into a lucrative niche and using script templates.

First, I will provide you with an exciting niche currently in high demand. Creating video content that resonates with your target audience with script templates is simple. Furthermore, I'll show you how to create other people's videos so you can earn money on YouTube without making videos yourself.


Selecting a Niche to Make Money on YouTube

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 1 -
Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 1 –

Finding the ideal niche can be extremely helpful when deciding how best to monetize your channel.

Selecting the correct niche is key to making money on YouTube and growing your channel. Travel is one of the most lucrative niches available on the platform, but why is travel such a great opportunity for content creators?

Travel-related videos tend to have higher CPM (cost per thousand views) rates than most other niches on YouTube due to some of the biggest advertisers on the platform, such as Expedia. They are willing to pay more for advertisements related to travel content.

But it's not just about the potential high earnings. Travel is a popular topic that appeals to a broad audience. People love watching videos about exotic destinations, thrilling adventures, and local cultures. Producing engaging and informative travel videos will help you build an engaged following and expand your channel's reach.


Examples of Successful Channels in This Niche

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 2 -
Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 2 –

If you're uncertain about the potential of making money on YouTube by creating travel-related content, here are some examples of channels that have succeeded in this niche.

Turopia, for instance, creates videos featuring the top 5 or 10 places to visit in each state, city, or country. This channel boasts 4.9 million views despite only posting one video monthly. Other successful channels in this niche include Mojo Travels and World According to Briggs.

How much money could these channels potentially make? Turopia could generate around $73,000 monthly from advertising revenue alone, assuming a CPM (cost per thousand views) of 15. And that doesn't even consider alternative monetization sources, which I will discuss shortly in this video.

Travel-themed content on YouTube has the unique potential to reach a global audience. Translating your videos into different languages can boost revenue and expand your fan base. This strategy works for me on my channels.

As you can see, creating travel-related content on YouTube can be incredibly lucrative. But how exactly do you go about doing so? In the next section of this article, I will guide you through each step necessary for success in this niche.


Generating Unlimited Video Ideas for Your Channel

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 3 -
Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 3 –

Once you've selected your niche, the next step is to develop a steady stream of video ideas to keep viewers engaged and coming back for more. Here are some tips on creating endless video ideas for your channel.

Start by drawing inspiration from popular videos in your niche. Take note of what types of content are performing well and add your unique perspective on those topics. Doing this will guarantee that your material resonates with viewers and has a better chance of going viral.

Another effective way to generate video ideas is using keyword research tools such as VidIQ to identify popular search terms and topics. However, it's essential to validate these concepts to ensure they remain pertinent and likely to generate views on YouTube. You can do this by checking similar videos' views and engagement metrics on the platform.

Additionally, you can draw inspiration from successful YouTube titles and use those elements to craft your titles. Doing this will increase your videos' visibility on YouTube and attract more viewers to your channel.


Title Templates for Travel Videos

Crafting captivating titles for your travel videos is essential to attract viewers and encourage clicks. Here are some title templates you can use as inspiration when creating your ideas:

  1. “What You Should Know About [City/State/Country]” – This format offers essential facts and insider advice about a given destination.
  2. “Top 10 Most [Adjective] Cities in [State/Country]” – This format can be utilized to highlight the distinctive qualities of different destinations, such as secluded towns or violent small cities.
  3. “Top 10 Places to [Live/Visit] in [State/Country/City]” – This format can be ideal for highlighting the top destinations and attractions in a given area.
  4. “Top 10 Things to Do in [State/Country/City]” – Highlight the destination's top activities and experiences here!
  5. “[City/Country] Travel Guide” – This format offers a comprehensive destination overview with practical information and helpful suggestions.

Using these various title formats offers endless video ideas to consider. Be sure to validate your theories by searching YouTube for similar videos and filtering the results by the most viewed within six months – look for videos with between 50,000-100,000 views to guarantee interest in a topic.

Furthermore, you can draw inspiration for your videos from various travel websites and blogs. US News Travel offers a wealth of travel guides on different states, cities, and countries that you can use as motivation when creating content for your channel.


Producing Videos Without Displaying Your Face

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 4 -
Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 4 –

Producing captivating travel videos on YouTube doesn't always necessitate showing your face on camera. Many successful channels produce videos without featuring the creator's face. Here are some tips for producing videos without featuring yourself:

Start with a video idea and craft a script for it. You can use a template with all essential information for your travel guide to simplify the process; for instance, if creating a guide for a particular city, utilize an existing template that includes information on top attractions, best restaurants, and hidden gems of that area.

Next, collect high-quality footage that accurately portrays the city or destination you are featuring in your video. You can use stock footage or film it yourself if you possess the equipment and skills.

Once your footage and script are in place, it's time to edit your video. Utilize editing software to craft an eye-catching and captivating video that conveys the beauty of wherever you're taking viewers. Add music, sound effects, and voiceover narration for impact and dynamic appeal.


Utilizing Script Templates for Travel Videos

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 5 -
Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 5 –

Writing a script for your travel video can help ensure you include all essential information and produce an engaging video for viewers. Here's an example script template you can use when producing these videos:

  • Name the city and include a fun fact about it – This can serve as an introductory piece to the destination you're highlighting, helping to capture viewers' attention.
  • Top Things to Do in the City – Create a list of at least three attractions or activities visitors should explore when they arrive at your destination. Research these on websites like US News Travel or Reddit, or draw upon past experiences if you have visited before.
  • Best hotels in the City – Showcase some of the top hotels in the city and what sets them apart. This can be useful for viewers planning a trip to the area searching for accommodation recommendations.
  • Best Restaurants and Places to Eat – Highlight some of the city's best restaurants and explain what makes them stand out. This can be helpful for viewers seeking dining suggestions while visiting the area.

Filling out these sections gives you a comprehensive script containing all the essential information for your travel guide video. To make it even more valuable, I suggest drawing inspiration from at least three sources to guarantee you provide the most well-rounded info possible.

Additionally, it's essential to remember that successful travel videos provide value to viewers and maintain their attention. By including plenty of valuable information in your video, you can ensure it resonates with existing viewers while attracting new ones over time.


Finding Content for Your Travel Videos

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 6 -
Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 6 –

One of the keys to creating captivating travel videos is using high-quality visuals that capture the atmosphere of the destination you're showcasing. Here are some places where you can find videos and pictures for your videos:

  • Free Websites – Many websites provide free stock footage and images for your videos. Examples include Pexels, Pixabay, and Videvo; these websites offer a selection of high-quality visuals you can use to enhance your travel videos.
  • Paid Services – If you're searching for a more comprehensive selection, paid services like Storyblocks and Envato Elements offer an extensive library of stock footage and images for use in your videos. While these require a subscription fee, they could prove worthwhile investments if you create frequent travel content.
  • YouTube – While copying and pasting clips from other people's videos aren't recommended, you can use clips licensed under creative commons or fair use. To do this, ensure your use of the clips adds value to the original content by including voiceovers, adding educational material, or recontextualizing it differently.

When using visuals from other sources, you must verify that you possess the necessary permissions or licenses for their use. Always read through the terms and conditions of your website or service before creating content, and give credit where credit is due in your video.

With high-quality visuals that complement your narration, you can create captivating and informative travel videos that engage viewers and continue to attract new ones over time.


Editing Your Travel Videos

Once your footage, pictures, and voiceovers are complete, it's time to edit your travel video. Here are some tips that will make the video engaging for viewers:

  • Edit with editing software – You can use numerous free and paid video editing programs to edit your travel videos. Free options include Hitfilm Express, OpenShot, and Shotcut for Mac users. iMovie for Windows users is another excellent choice, while PowerDirector for more advanced users comes at a cost.
  • Maintain a lively pace – To keep your audience interested, vary the visuals and information in your video every 3-6 seconds. Include cuts, transitions, and titles to make the video exciting and prevent viewers from becoming bored.
  • Utilize titles and animations – Incorporating titles and animations into your video can help emphasize important information and keep viewers engaged. Use titles to break up sections of the video and emphasize key points.
  • Focus on audience retention – YouTube's algorithm favors videos with high viewer retention rates, meaning viewers watch the entire video from beginning to end. Make your video engaging and informative so viewers are motivated to stay for a more extended period.
  • Final Touches – Once your video is edited and ready, add any finishing touches, like music, sound effects, and color grading, to improve quality.

By following these tips, you can create captivating travel videos that capture the essence of your destination and keep viewers' attention throughout.


Thumbnails to Drive Views

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 7 -
Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 7 –

Click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who click on your video when it appears in various places on YouTube, such as search results or recommended videos. To increase CTR, your title and thumbnail must be excellent; titles are essential, but thumbnails are even more so.

Successful thumbnails contain only three primary elements and minimal text; in contrast, bad thumbnails often contain too much text and multiple elements within an image.

Create an eye-catching thumbnail by making everything as large as possible and using high contrast and vibrant colors. Avoid adding too much text, keeping it to a minimum. When crafting your thumbnails, model what has already worked well for others; don't copy others; rather take inspiration from successful past successes. Incorporating something similar may be beneficial if many channels use a specific thumbnail type; however, leave some room for experimentation within your content strategy.

Snappa, Canva, and are free image editors you can use to create thumbnails for free; by following these best practices and experimenting with different styles, you will increase your CTR and get more video views on YouTube. Remember, YouTube tests content across different places, so an attractive thumbnail is essential for drawing in viewers and increasing engagement.


Hiring Others to Make Money Without Producing Videos

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 8 -
Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 8 –

Before outsourcing your production, I suggest creating one to three videos to gain better insight into the process and simplify collaborating with others.

Outsourcing your content creation can be a great way to manage multiple YouTube channels efficiently. My preferred platform for hiring is Upwork, though Fiverr and Freelancer are both viable options.

Payment for video production varies based on the type of work involved. Scripts typically cost $10-$40; voiceovers from $10-30; and video editing from $25 to $80 per video depending on the quality required, with prices ranging from $45-150 per video depending on the quantity purchased, lower rates can be negotiated when paying in bulk.

Outsourcing your video production can be an economical solution to managing your YouTube channels, giving you time to focus on other aspects of your business. Finding content tailored specifically for you is possible with high-quality talent and the appropriate tools and templates.


3 Ways to Make Money

Once the content is created, the next step should be focusing on making money. In the travel niche, there are three primary methods for earning an income: through advertising revenue; due to large travel-related advertisers like Expedia, Orbitz, and, video production should go longer than eight minutes to incorporate multiple ad breaks throughout the video at different intervals between two and three minutes each and tapering off at the end for maximum impact.

This strategy works best when producing videos longer than eight minutes so that multiple ad breaks can be placed throughout the video at different points throughout its runtime – space them out between two to three minutes each before ending it off towards the end for maximum impact.

The second way to generate income in the travel niche is through affiliate revenue. Signing up for affiliate programs with major travel websites such as Expedia or and dropping those links into video descriptions may only yield a small commission per sale; however, promoting courses that teach people how to hack credit card miles for free travel could be more practical and yield better results. You can search existing courses with affiliate programs or create one from scratch.

Promoting a course is an effective strategy, as there is no cost associated with fulfilling that sale other than what you invested into creating it. For instance, daily answering questions within your course member community allows you to monetize your knowledge and expertise within the travel niche while generating passive income.

Another way to make money in the travel niche is through brand deals. Major travel websites or brands may start reaching out with paid sponsorship opportunities as your channel grows. To attract these opportunities, include an email address within video descriptions and the channel About page.

Travel niche offers unique sponsorship opportunities, such as free hotels or flights, in exchange for reviewing them in your videos. To determine how much to charge for sponsored posts, add up all of your most recent video views and divide by 10 to get an average number of viewers per video. Divide this figure by 1,000 and multiply it by a reasonable CPM rate like $20-$30.

For instance, if the average view count of your last ten videos was 10,000 views each video, divide that figure by 1,000, and you get 10. Multiplying 10 by $30 CPM equals $300; therefore, you could charge $300 for a sponsored post and typically see integrations range in cost between $150-$250.

Brand deals can be an excellent source of revenue, but they must align with your channel's values and content. This helps you maintain authenticity while building lasting relationships with brands and viewers.


Optimizing Your Channel

Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 9 -
Discover How to Make $20000 MONTHLY on YouTube WITHOUT Revealing Your Face 9 –

After creating your videos, it's essential to optimize your YouTube channel to ensure your efforts don't go in vain. YouTube is one of the best business models online, but to grow and take full advantage of it, you need to do things correctly – which is entirely within your control once you know how.

The good news is that optimizing is one of those things you can control; all you have to do is know-how.


Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you in the next post!

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