Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 6 -

Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023

Becoming a YouTube Creator Introduction

Create a successful YouTube channel by understanding and applying key optimization features that many content creators neglect. Doing so will enable your channel to attract many viewers and subscribers.


Create an account

Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 1 -
Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 1 –

Establishing a YouTube account can be the initial step to creating an effective channel. While it's a straightforward process, you should ensure your channel is optimized for maximum performance.

To start on YouTube, navigate to the homepage and click in the upper right-hand corner that says “Sign In.” If your account already links up with an existing Gmail address, sign in now; otherwise, click “Create Account” at the lower right of this page to create one. You'll then be asked whether you would like to utilize YouTube for business or personal purposes; selecting which option makes all the difference when planning how you will utilize YouTube for business activities. Selecting the correct option if using YouTube as a business venture is critical here!

Once registered, you'll be asked for your name, first and last names, and email address. If you don't already have a Gmail account, creating one is easy – click either “Create a New Gmail Account” or the “Create a New Gmail Address” option. The username can be anything; however, it doesn't necessarily need to match up with the channel name; for instance, it could simply be your username or an official brand name.

Protecting the information on your account is essential, so using an online password generator to generate strong passwords is highly recommended. Bit Warden offers a free password generator to save all your passwords securely. After creating a solid password, click “Next” to continue.

Once filled in on the next page, Google will send an SMS with a one-time verification code which must be entered to proceed. Creating two-factor authentication and sending a recovery message are recommended for extra account protection.


Create a channel

Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 2 -
Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 2 –

Constructing a YouTube channel is essential for expanding your brand and producing content that resonates with viewers. Although the process is straightforward, careful thought must go into designing it to perform optimally.

To create a YouTube channel, start by visiting and clicking your profile image at the top right. Select “Create a Channel” and enter whatever name you desire for the channel. Choosing an appropriate name may seem challenging at first glance; however, many tools exist that can assist with this task, such as Shopify's Company Name Generator, which offers numerous concepts per specialization; plus, check Global Brand Database to see if there are already businesses using the same name as selected to avoid potential copyright violations.

Once you've selected a suitable name for your channel, you can also pick an account handle – like the username on different social networks. Feel free to use whatever is most accessible; for instance, adding “Channel” to the title creates an eye-catching handle. After choosing both elements, click “Create Channel,” and your channel will be created!

Your channel may not yet be optimized or ready for use, so it is essential to modify it to reflect your company's goals and values and draw in viewers and subscribers. Start by adding a banner image that accurately reflects your brand image. You could also include an intro trailer for your channel that introduces brands and content to potential customers.

Another essential step to optimizing your channel is organizing videos into playlists. Playlists help viewers navigate your videos and locate what they're searching for. Furthermore, ensure that title descriptions, tags, and descriptions accurately reflect the video's contents and include relevant keywords that will bring up relevant results when searching.


Customize your channel

Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 3 -
Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 3 –

Modifying your YouTube channel is essential in creating an inviting atmosphere for users. This process necessitates careful consideration to guarantee the channel performs optimally.

To customize your channel, click “Customize Your Channel.” This will take you directly to YouTube Creator Studio, where you can review analytics, respond to comments, and optimize the channel's appearance for maximum impact.

Before you can begin creating your channel, it is necessary to upload a profile image. Select “Branding,” then upload an image with at least 1080 pixels in resolution for optimal clarity and visibility. We recommend uploading at least 1080 by 1080 pixels for the best results.

The next step in creating your channel artwork is uploading its background or banner image. Aim for 2560 x 1440 pixels for optimal clarity. Popular free image editors like Snappa and Canva offer templates and tools to help you craft stunning channel art quickly and easily.

In addition to your profile picture and channel artwork, including a watermark on your channel is highly recommended. This could be in the form of your profile photo and gives viewers an additional incentive to join by hovering it over the lower portion of the video.

These features for customization will give your channel a polished and visually appealing appearance, encouraging viewers to stay engaged with what you have to offer and consider joining.

Before beginning to promote your channel on YouTube, ensure you've unlocked all available options. Doing so will enable you to maximize the platform's potential and boost the likelihood of your channel's success.


Unlock YouTube features

Unlocking all the features YouTube offers is essential for optimizing your channel and increasing its chances of success. While this process requires some work, the rewards are worth all the effort invested.

To take advantage of these features, first, visit YouTube and click your profile image. Then click “YouTube Studio,” located in the left-hand corner. Scroll down until you find “Settings,” followed by “Channel,” where you'll find “Feature Eligibility.”

By default, all basic features are unlocked. However, some important ones require further confirmation. Customized thumbnails for videos may increase the click-through rate – to enable this feature; you need to confirm your phone number via SMS and use its code for verification. It's a quick process that only takes a minute!

Additional features require verification, such as verifying videos or uploading an identity document such as a driver's license or passport. Regularly uploading videos to your channel can gain insight into its history and unlock more sophisticated options. Once these basics have been mastered, other upload options and the ability to include links in descriptions become available.

Furthermore, unlocking features on your channel enable you to monetize it and potentially generate income from it. Monetization lets you make money each time an advertisement is seen on your video, providing a great way to generate passive income. Some YouTubers make several thousand dollars every month from advertising revenue alone!


Optimizing your channel

Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 4 -
Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 4 –

Optimizing your channel's optimization is essential for increasing viewers and views. This process necessitates meticulous care to detail, as well as an understanding of the objectives of your channel.

Optimizing Your Channel Performance. To maximize the performance of your YouTube channel, go to the “Basic Info” tab and choose which country it is located in. The most frequently asked question is whether to select the country targeted or one you reside in; it's best to pick your home country since many famous channels on YouTube cater specifically to certain countries. Therefore, selecting where you reside is more beneficial.

Once you've added keywords for your channel, it's essential to include phrases or words that describe its content. Start by brainstorming phrases related to the channel you run – like “Grow on YouTube,” “YouTube Growth,” “Subscribers,” and “Views.” Additionally, don't forget to include the actual name of your channel, like “Tube Mastery.

For the most practical terms for your channel, utilize VidIQ, a tool designed to enhance YouTube channels. When using VidIQ, search for keywords associated with your channel, like “Grow on YouTube,” then go to the “Related Keywords” tab. Sorting these words according to the highest score automatically evaluates competition volume; after selecting relevant ones, you can copy them into your channel's keyword section.

Alongside keywords, it is essential to crafting an engaging channel description. Your description should clearly define your channel, the type of content you create, and what viewers should expect from videos. You may also include hyperlinks for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages and websites, products, or other information that viewers should find valuable.

Organizing your content into playlists is essential for optimizing your channel. Playlists offer a great way to organize videos and help viewers locate those they're interested in. To create a playlist, select the “playlists” tab and select “new playlist.” Give the playlist a title and description, then add videos you'd like played from it.


Customizing your channel

Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 5 -
Become a YouTube Creator: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Channel in 2023 5 –

Another way to customize your channel is by adding sections on its homepage. This will enable users to browse through content on your channel. To add sections, go to your channel homepage and click “Customize channel,” then choose which section you'd like included (you have many options, such as popular uploads, recently uploaded, and playlists). After selecting which section type best fits your needs, modify its layout and content accordingly.

One aspect to consider when customizing your social media accounts is creating the same brand across all platforms. This involves using the same profile image, banner, and colors across all profiles for a consistent and recognizable appearance. You could even create an original intro and outro for videos featuring branding elements – helping viewers recall your channels and locate you quickly across various platforms.

Alongside branding, engaging your viewers by responding to their comments and creating an online community within your YouTube channel is essential. Asking viewers for their input through comments on videos, questions about them, or feedback about your videos will help build a loyal following and provide helpful feedback about what works and doesn't work.


Upload defaults

To create default uploaded settings for your YouTube videos, open the YouTube Studio and select “Settings” from the left menu. Afterward, click “Upload Defaults.” In “Advanced Settings,” choose a language for your videos and choose what description and title will appear. Finally, choose an appropriate category based on similar channels within your expertise. Once selected, make sure to save these changes.

Return to the “Customization” tab and add a “Most Popular Uploads” section near the top of your channel page. This will showcase some of your most successful videos, encouraging viewers to keep watching them. Eventually, this could result in increased views and subscribers.

It is essential to grant permission for your channel when changing it into an account owned by a brand. To do this, click on your icon and select “Settings,” then select “View advanced settings” followed by “Move channel to a brand account”. If you still can't create an account for your brand, return to the Settings page and click “Create a new channel,” giving you more features and greater control over managing the channel.

Once you've created a YouTube profile for your brand, it's time to merge the existing channels. To do this, click on your profile photo at the top right and select “Switch Account.” Return to your initial channel by clicking “Settings,” select “View advanced settings,” choose “Move channel to a brand account,” and then “Replace.” Doing this will erase any previous channels created for the business and merge them into one new one.

Making your YouTube channel the brand account will grant additional rights, such as the ability to grant permissions. To do this, go to YouTube Creator Studio and click “Settings,” then “Permissions,” followed by “Manage Permissions.” You may invite others who will manage the channel; you can choose whether they become an owner or administrator.

Once your channel is created, it's time to upload your videos. Before beginning uploading, review an outline for flawless uploading of each video.

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