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$29k Monthly Income from YouTube Monetization: Learn the Eligibility Requirements

$29k Monthly Income from YouTube Monetization

Hello there! Today we will explore the world of YouTube monetization. While some may say you should not start a channel just for money, it's okay to want some income from your content. That is why I'll explain the monetization process on YouTube for those interested in learning more.

Today's discussion will cover the eligibility requirements to monetize your content, how to activate monetization once accepted as a YouTube partner, and how to place ads within videos. I also provide insight into payment logistics, such as how much will be paid, taxes, and CPMs. It's essential to note that there are other ways besides ads to monetize on YouTube, which we will also discuss in detail.

Finally, I'll share my experience with YouTube monetization and how much money I've made. So let's dive into this exciting world of YouTube monetization together!


Youtube Monetization Eligibility

$29k Monthly Income from YouTube Monetization: Learn the Eligibility Requirements 2 - taraan.com
$29k Monthly Income from YouTube Monetization: Learn the Eligibility Requirements 2 – taraan.com

Let's begin by exploring the eligibility requirements for monetization. When you meet these standards, you will become a YouTube partner – an essential step in becoming profitable on YouTube. You may come across “YPP,” which stands for YouTube Partner Program.

What qualifies you to become a YouTube Partner? Firstly, you must meet the minimum requirements, which include hitting certain thresholds of subscribers and watch time hours within 12 months. Once these requirements have been fulfilled, you may apply to join the YouTube Partner Program.

However, it's essential to note that simply hitting these numbers won't guarantee approval. YouTube will review your channel to ensure it complies with its guidelines and policies, such as having original content, abiding by copyright laws, and abstaining from excessive profanity or violence. Keeping a clean and professional channel is key in increasing your chances of approval for monetization.


YouTube Partner Requirements

$29k Monthly Income from YouTube Monetization: Learn the Eligibility Requirements 3 - taraan.com
$29k Monthly Income from YouTube Monetization: Learn the Eligibility Requirements 3 – taraan.com

To be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program and monetization, your channel must have at least 4,000 public watched hours and 1,000 subscribers within a rolling 365-day period. These requirements exist to guarantee sufficient traffic for advertisers to run ads on your videos.

It's essential to note that only public watched hours count towards this requirement – any unlisted videos or embedded videos on your website will not be counted.

Additionally, watching your videos repeatedly won't count towards the 4,000 public watched hours requirement. To maximize your chances for monetization on YouTube, it's essential to maintain a clean and professional channel and follow YouTube's guidelines and policies.

Remember, YouTube Studio is the platform's back end, where you can manage your videos, add descriptions and tags, and activate monetization. You can only access this particular Studio once you meet all eligibility requirements.


Youtube Monetization Process

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, activating YouTube monetization is a must. However, if you don't meet them yet, click “Notify me when I'm eligible” under the Monetization tab in your YouTube Studio.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, signing up for a Google AdSense account is the first essential step. Alternatively, if you already have an account from another website or blog, it can be integrated into your YouTube channel; alternatively, sign up directly through YouTube, and the platform will guide you through the process.

Signing up for AdSense requires providing personal information, such as bank account details and tax info. Google AdSense will issue you a W-9 form for tax purposes after sending you a mail with a code to confirm your mailing address.

Once you receive the verification code, enter it into your AdSense account on YouTube Studio. Google AdSense will also make a small deposit into your bank to further validate your legitimacy.

Turning on monetization for all past videos is the final step, which begins by entering the monetization segment of each video and turning it on. However, remember that you cannot monetize views unless they have been enabled previously.

In conclusion, you have successfully set up your Google AdSense account and activated monetization for full revenue potential as a YouTube partner. Now that these steps have been taken, it is time to begin reaping the rewards of these earnings!


Placing Ads on Youtube Videos

$29k Monthly Income from YouTube Monetization: Learn the Eligibility Requirements 4 - taraan.com
$29k Monthly Income from YouTube Monetization: Learn the Eligibility Requirements 4 – taraan.com

Let's now look at how to place ads within your video. Start by going to YouTube Studio and clicking “Content” in the sidebar. Select which video you wish to monetize, and click “Monetization.” Ensure monetization is turned on before selecting “All” for maximum ad revenue potential.

Next, click “Manage mid-rolls” to customize where your ads appear. These can be strategically placed for maximum engagement and increased watch time – similar to commercial breaks in TV shows. You can move these ads using white lines on the video timeline or select “Place automatically” for YouTube to do it automatically.

It's essential to note that too many ads can be distracting for viewers, so be mindful of their number and placement. You can maximize your ad revenue by strategically positioning ads without compromising the viewer experience.


When Do You Get Paid from Youtube

Let's talk about when you get paid. YouTube pays out between the 21st and 25th of each month for the previous month's earnings; for instance, if it's currently October, you will receive payment for September 21st. However, you must first reach a $100 threshold to be paid.

How much you make on YouTube depends on several factors, including upload frequency, niche or content category, and CPM (cost per mil) rate. CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand views and measures the average amount paid per 1000 views of an advertisement.

It's about how many eyes have seen it and the frequency of views. Advertisers usually invest more money into channels they believe will generate more profits, hence why some niches have higher CPM rates. Subscribers don't matter how much money you make, as YouTube pays you only for views of advertisements.


Youtube Taxes

Alright, let's talk taxes. Does YouTube automatically withhold taxes from earnings generated from viewers in the US, or do you need to pay them yourself? According to Google's site, creators outside the US may face withholding rates ranging from zero to thirty percent depending on whether their country has a tax treaty relationship with America.

On the other hand, if you reside within the US and provide valid tax information, Google won't withhold any taxes from earnings if those earnings have already been filed with US authorities; most US creators have already submitted their US tax information. Thus no automatic withheld.

How often must you upload to get monetized faster? When I started my channel at the end of 2018, it only took me one month to monetize, showing that this is achievable for some. However, quality and quantity must also be present if you want your videos to be successful; ensure they have excellent production values and be uploaded consistently and frequently.

YouTube Shorts have become the latest craze, sparking excitement with their recently established Shorts Fund. This fund offers creators of YouTube shorts the unique opportunity to monetize their work regardless of status as YouTube partners – all that is required is having posted a short within one month prior.

Approximately $100 million has been set aside in The YouTube Shorts Fund for creators looking to produce films between 2021 and 2022 that will be distributed via YouTube.

Successful eligibility will be communicated to your email or YouTube app, indicating the potential to claim funds from the fund – provided your claim is valid before the 25th of the month.

Earnings from the YouTube Shorts Fund peak at $10,000 and provide creators with financial rewards. In order to receive payment, linking an AdSense account is mandatory; this also provides non-YouTube partners with access to creating an AdSense account.


Other Methods for Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

Setting up Google AdSense for your YouTube channel is a significant accomplishment, and while commendable, there are other potential income sources to explore. Memberships give exclusive content accessible only to paying subscribers – an ideal scenario for monetizing your YouTube channel. Despite its drawbacks, YouTube still reaps some benefits from each membership fee paid.

It may not be ideal for everyone, but memberships are still worth considering as they provide valuable management and organization capabilities.

Brand Connect, an influencer marketing agency, is another lucrative monetization option worth exploring. Participating brands contact you through email or YouTube with campaign details and offer highly lucrative deals for content creators. As such, Brand Connect has become a go-to choice for many content creators looking for high-payout opportunities.

Live streaming on YouTube with Super Chat provides another avenue for monetization of your channel. Super Chat is a model where viewers donate money during live streams in exchange for VIP Treatment or questions they can ask. This initiative provides an excellent method for incorporating monetization into your live streams.

Your store provides multiple ways to monetize your channel. You can earn commissions from sales by linking specific products or affiliates with each video – making this an especially charitable monetization choice.

By looking at my YouTube earnings this year, let me demonstrate the potential money you can make through these methods. In October alone, I made $2041.36; you can track this information in your YouTube Studio's Analytics section. However, remember that this amount is based on the last 28 days and may not accurately reflect the current month's earnings. Selecting another month and selecting another arrow icon can determine precisely how much you've made this month.

It's essential to remember that ads aren't the only way to make money on YouTube. In May, I made $29,000, including my Brand Connect deal; you can view how much money you've made over recent months in your YouTube Studio's Revenue section. With these various monetization methods, you can diversify your income stream and potentially increase earnings from YouTube.

Another critical point to note is that if you have a membership, you can still receive Brand Connect deals, and the earnings from these will be added to your overall earnings. In YouTube Studio, you can see which videos earn the most money; remember that your top-viewed video may not necessarily be your highest earner; for instance, my top-earning video this month was “Watch This Before You Launch.”

YouTube can be an incredibly lucrative source of income, especially if you take advantage of its full potential. This article is a comprehensive guide if you want to monetize your channel. There's so much money to be made on YouTube; if any questions arise regarding how to do so successfully, don't hesitate to ask.

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