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4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023

4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023 Introduction:

After carefully considering countless ideas, I have carefully handpicked four methods I believe to be the most successful for earning over ten thousand dollars monthly. In years past, this income level was only accessible to those with advanced educational backgrounds and impressive credentials – such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

But times have changed, and anyone can achieve financial success with the right approach. So let's discuss 4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023:


Custom Jewelry:

4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023 1 - taraan.com
4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023 1 – taraan.com

Recently, I discovered Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy. Their specialty is creating custom jewelry – including their best-selling item: the personalized name necklace. Intrigued by their success, I dug into their sales figures and discovered they had made over 2 million sales since opening their shop four years ago. Using some simple math, this means they average 696 sales daily. With an average item price of around $20, they earn roughly $144,000 per day, or even conservative estimates suggest they make $10,000 daily, giving them a monthly income of $300,000.

You may think, “But I don't have the skills or tools to create custom jewelry to sell on Etsy.” Well, I have discovered a way around this without needing any unique talents or tools, and you can start with minimal investment—Caitlin Minimalist's most popular product: personalized name necklaces. Available in sterling silver, 18-karat gold, or rose gold (in various lengths), enter your name into the field, and they will craft and ship you one like the gold one pictured above for $42 (currently on sale!); this may seem out of reach, but with the proper approach, you too can compete with Caitlin Minimalist's success!

For personalized name necklaces without the need for specialized skills or tools, AliExpress is my go-to website for discounted products. Many sellers offer customized name necklaces at incredibly low prices – like this one for only 99 cents. Even after the promotion ends, it remains at just $4.70! With numerous font options reminiscent of Caitlin Minimalist's fonts on Etsy, you will find someone willing to create them for you.

AliExpress customized necklaces can be purchased for $7.96 with expedited shipping at slightly higher costs, making the total expense only $7.96. Considering that you can sell the same necklace on Etsy for $42, you could make $34 per sale! Even if you sell at a lower price of $29.40, you still profit $21.44 per sale with just 50 sales daily! With just $1,000 earned daily and over $30,000 annually with just 50 sales daily!

Starting a business like this requires time and dedication – from setting up your Etsy shop to finding an AliExpress seller, creating product listings, and ultimately making sales. However, with research and determination, this venture could prove life-altering.



4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023 2 - taraan.com
4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023 2 – taraan.com

At the start of my YouTube channel in 2021, I knew the potential to earn life-altering money. After years of watching other successful YouTubers boast about their earnings, I was determined to reach that same level of success. Last year alone, I earned over $600,000 from YouTube – with this year on track to make between $1 to 2 million.

YouTube can be a daunting platform. Spending hours crafting a video only to have it receive minimal views can be disheartening, but YouTube is more than a sprint; it's an endurance race. Mastering how to craft captivating content with captivating titles and thumbnails that draw in viewers takes time; the key lies in cultivating this skill over months or even years.

There are practical steps you can take to see results faster. Initially, focus on three elements: production quality, packaging of ideas, and your niche. Selecting a niche that appeals to both your interests and expertise is paramount; some people say choosing an area isn't necessary initially, but that couldn't be further from the truth if you want sports-related content from ESPN, which specializes exclusively in that genre; similarly, Cartoon Network would not feature sports programming either.

Selecting an appropriate niche is critical for building an audience and growing your channel quickly.

Packaging your ideas is essential in attracting viewers. To do this, learn how to craft captivating titles and thumbnails that capture people's attention and encourage them to click and watch your videos. Moreover, the quality of the video itself must remain high to keep viewers interested and engaged – no fancy equipment is needed; invest instead in quality lighting, sound equipment, and editing tools.

Failure to establish yourself in a particular niche on YouTube will likely leave potential subscribers confused and unwilling to subscribe. People need to know what to expect from your channel, so selecting the correct niche is essential for building an audience. Randomly creating content outside your niche may underperform, leading viewers to lose interest.

Once you've chosen your niche, mastering how to package and market your ideas effectively is critical. Veritasium's video “Clickbait is Unreasonably Effective” exemplifies how titles and thumbnails can impact video performance; by altering the title and thumbnail of his video about asteroids, he saw a marked improvement in views and engagement.

Finally, the production quality is critical in maintaining viewer interest. A reliable camera, good lighting, and a good microphone all play a role in improving product quality. Furthermore, adding high-quality music to the background of your videos can further increase their engagement and attract more views; YouTube algorithms typically favor videos with engaging content, such as those featuring background music.

In conclusion, creating a successful YouTube channel requires careful consideration of your niche, strategic packaging of ideas, and superior product quality. With dedication and effort, anyone can potentially earn a substantial income through YouTube.


Print On Demand:

4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023 3 - taraan.com
4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023 3 – taraan.com

Print-on-demand businesses have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Though I am starting a t-shirt print-on-demand business, the model can be applied beyond just apparel items. Planner K1 on Etsy, for instance, has seen close to two million sales of stickers and organization products such as printable planners and checklists. Her shop has been open since 2014, or approximately 2951 days.

Dividing the 2 million total sales by how many days it's been open, we can estimate that she averages approximately 678 sales per day. At an average cost of five dollars per item, her store generates roughly $3,400 in daily sales – up to over one hundred thousand dollars annually through digital products like printable calendars, planners, and stickers that can be sold an infinite number of times.

Stickers are straightforward to produce and likely drop-shipped with a print-on-demand service like Printify; they will print, manufacture and ship your stickers for you. All that needs to be done is to develop the designs. Check out Printify's catalog under Home and Living to get inspired – start by designing stickers for every major holiday and keep track of everything with a list!

Designing stickers for major holidays is just the start. You can also design stickers for major sports events and let your creativity flow with endless sticker ideas. Take inspiration from this Etsy shop which offers everything from toothpaste and yoga mat stickers to slippers with money-back guarantees – almost 2 million customers have bought stickers from them; clearly, there's a massive market for it!


Short Videos:

4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023 4 - taraan.com
4 Proven Strategies to Earn $10000 a Month in 2023 4 – taraan.com

Short-form content is all the rage, offering many money-making opportunities for platforms like YouTube and TikTok and content creators. To get started, find YouTube content creators who consistently produce videos, go to their about tab, find their email, then email them outlining what value you can provide at what price point.

You might be pleasantly surprised by how many creators will pay you handsomely for your services. Use the same email template with minor modifications to make it more personalized for each creator, and send out dozens or even hundreds of these emails daily; after all, numbers speak here: if you send out 100 emails and only get ten responses, only three may hire you to edit their short-form content. So send as many emails as possible; the more responses you get, the higher your chances for success!

On average, short-form content agencies charge between $25 and $16 per video, depending on how many they produce each month. They averagely bill between $1,500 and $2,000 monthly to create 60 short videos for clients.

Three clients pay you between $1,500 and $2,000 monthly. Your monthly earnings would then range between $4,500 and $6,000. With consistent email marketing and new business acquisition, it is possible to expand your business quickly.

Producing 60 short videos for one client may seem like a lot of work at first glance, but with practice comes easier. Most creators already have long-form content on their YouTube channel, which you can use to craft short micro snippets of 30-60 seconds that can then be redistributed onto other platforms and generate additional income streams.

YouTube's new monetization policy promises to revolutionize the short-form content industry, opening up more possibilities for creators to make money. YouTube allows creators to earn revenue from ads placed between videos – something no other platform does. As a result, more people may start creating short-form material, increasing demand for short-form editors.

Don't delay any longer; now is the time to dive in and earn from this industry. Your skills could help content creators generate a comfortable living with ease. Thank you so much for reading this article; may your day or night be filled with wonder and inspiration – see you soon!

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