Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment 1 -

Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment

Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment Introduction:

Making your first $100,000 is essential, as it will forever alter the trajectory of your life. After this milestone, all significant achievements, $200,000, $500,000, or even one million, become much more accessible. But how exactly do you make that first $100,000 starting from zero? In this article, I'll guide you step-by-step through the process; by the end, you'll have applied what you've learned here to see life-altering results!

As someone who has experienced poverty firsthand, I understand what it's like to have little or little. My net worth was barely ten to fifteen thousand dollars not long ago – most of that in an investment account. Since then, I've earned over one million dollars online and built up a net worth of nearly nine hundred thousand dollars, officially becoming a millionaire within the next month or two. But you don't have to be like me; all of you reading this can do the same thing and more!

First and foremost, take action and apply what you learn. Don't just read this article and then neglect your goals; success requires consistent action toward those objectives – even if it's just a small daily step. Remember: small but consistent efforts lead to significant breakthroughs over time. So let's embark on this journey towards financial independence and reach our first $100,000!


The 3-Eye Process

Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment 5 -
Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment 5 –

To reach your goal of making $100,000, you must follow a process I have used with all businesses I've started: the 3 Eye phase, more commonly known as The Three Eyes. The initial stage in this process is Inception, when your idea comes alive and is considered the most crucial part.

The second phase is Implementation. In this stage, we take your idea from phase one and begin strategically taking action. Additionally, we'll cover how to become a legitimate business by forming an LLC on the Tailor Brands website.

The final phase is Intention. While you can achieve phases one and two flawlessly, failing at phase three could spell disaster for your $100,000 goal. Therefore, you must focus on this crucial third stage as well.

Let's go through these phases one-by-one and create a practical plan so that by the end of this article, you can act toward your goal of making $100,000. Remember, each stage is essential; following along will boost your chances for success. So let's get going!


Phase 1 Inception

Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment 2 -
Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment 2 –

The initial stage of the 3 Eye process is Inception, which requires creating an idea. I'll provide you with a framework I use for creating ideas that work. Once my business plan solidified, earning my initial $100,000 took some effort but has become exponentially easier.

Your first question may be, “How can I develop a great business idea?” On my blog, we often discuss making money – whether by starting a business or working from home part-time. Unfortunately, people often ask if these ideas are scams or work; some even flat-out state they won't work! These comments are hilarious because any business idea can succeed, even if it seems unlikely.

Who would've thought that starting a business where you get into another person's car and have them drive you around would be wise? Nowadays, businesses like Uber and Lyft are commonplace; but 20 years ago, when our parents warned against getting into strangers' vehicles, such an idea would have seemed crazy.

And selling bottled water? Even more bizarre: who would think this would work out well? Yet billions of gallons of this scammy liquid are sold annually in plastic bottles, cardboard cartons, and aluminum cans – proof that demand is being met.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, was criticized for selling books online when stores like Barnes and Noble already offered that service. Yet all three ideas had something in common that made them successful: they improved upon or added to what already existed; taxi services existed long before Uber and Lyft even existed, showing a demand for such services.

Taxis can be inconvenient in major metropolitan cities, so Uber entered the market to provide a more convenient version. Bottled water also plays a role; we need it for survival, yet sometimes filtered bottled water may be more beneficial. When traveling, how many people take their Stanley travel cup into public bathrooms at gas stations instead of filling it up with tap water from those nasty stations?

Phase one of the 3 Eye process requires you to identify an existing market and find a way to enhance or enhance it. I'm not saying you need to create the next, but you can provide thousands of services online or in person at low costs that already have customers willing to pay for them.

All you have to do is enter that space, provide something better or different from competitors, and show yourself that your idea can generate income.

Once your idea has proven profitable, it's essential to become legitimate to safeguard against legal liabilities. Whether you start a YouTube channel as a side hustle or a skydiving business, forming an LLC around your enterprise is paramount. Unfortunately, forming an LLC involves too much paperwork; I've made mistakes along the way, but now I use Tailor Brands' service exclusively and highly recommend it.

Tailor Brands is incredibly user-friendly and takes minimal effort. Provide them with your business info, answer a few questions, and they'll take care of forming the LLC for you. Plus, they even have an AI logo maker to assist in creating logos and setting up websites with new domains or business emails. Whether launching a side hustle or full-time gig that replaces your day job, Tailor Brands provides one of the best tools to launch a legitimate venture.


Phase 2 Implementation

Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment 3 -
Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment 3 –

After developing an excellent concept, it's time for phase two: implementation. For instance, take the web development industry as an example: millions of potential customers within it have different needs that need to be met by various companies. But if you look closer, smaller issues that larger competitors aren't solving can easily be taken advantage of by smaller entrepreneurs who focus only on more significant issues.

Implementing my idea, I sought to solve problems for smaller businesses. For example, when running my web development agency, many clients were startups, mom-and-pop shops, or individual entrepreneurs. By solving problems for these small firms, I earned close to $100,000 annually.

Imagine starting a social media marketing agency. Do you think huge advertising agencies like Vaynermedia, which have millions of dollars in monthly ad revenue from these large clients, would be concerned about reaching smaller businesses that only pay them a few thousand dollars monthly for management? Of course not!

Here's where you come in. If you can secure several clients who pay you two, three, or four thousand dollars per month to manage their social media ads, soon you're earning over ten thousand dollars per month and over one hundred thousand annually. Don't underestimate how much money can be made by solving smaller problems;. At the same time, large corporations focus on solving multi-billion dollar issues; smaller startups may also focus on one hundred-thousand-dollar issue.

Many of you reading this may be just starting your business venture. Remember that success does not always come easily – many entrepreneurs must gradually work up. Starting a business that generates six figures annually doesn't guarantee one that will yield one million or ten million dollars yearly. All businesses require time and effort; the more experience you acquire, the faster your venture can expand.

Rushing the process of becoming wealthy is not the answer. It takes time, dedication, and persistence to reach your objectives.

Do not compare your journey with others; instead, focus on solving smaller issues that could yield ten thousand dollars each month in income. Money can be a lifesaver for many of you. Earning more and more each month makes it easier to reach goals like earning twenty thousand dollars a month, then fifty thousand, then eventually hundreds of thousands per month.

Although this may seem impossible at first glance, having firsthand experience making such wealth, I can assure you it happens much faster than you might think!

Starting is essential. Solving smaller problems can lead to significant earnings – I recently read an article about someone making one hundred thousand dollars in one year by helping people move through TaskRabbit. The moving industry is highly specialized, with companies such as Two Men and a Truck and U-Haul being successful because of it; however, not everyone wants to hire one of these big firms.

This individual saw an opportunity to capture some of this market share by helping people move boxes; though not groundbreaking, this service is needed by an increasingly large segment of consumers.


Phase 3 Intention

Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment 4 -
Make Your First $100000 Online: Secrets for Starting with 0 Investment 4 –

Moving a few items is only the start of this process. The final stage requires intentionality – something many people neglect, leading them to failure. Arguably, this step is the most essential of them all.

The intention phase is all about being deliberate and purposeful about your business venture. Let's say you want to launch a YouTube channel because you know it can be lucrative and provide numerous opportunities, so why not begin making videos now? However, you quickly notice your videos aren't getting many views and keep posting videos without making any intentional changes.

As a result, your videos continue to receive low viewership. At this point, many people give up and decide that YouTube isn't for them. It doesn't mean your videos aren't good enough; it just means you haven't spent enough time figuring out why yours aren't getting many views.

Every problem has a solution, and if your videos aren't getting views on YouTube, then the solution lies in being intentional about learning how to get more views – this applies to any business venture or side hustle you start; remember: intentionality pays off!

Don't be deceived: even the brightest ideas won't guarantee success. But don't despair! You don't need a degree from an esteemed university to succeed in business. All it takes is some creativity and perseverance – then the power to achieve any goal you set your mind to!

Start small but ensure your business runs smoothly by checking out Tailor Brands for assistance with these three steps! It doesn't need rocket science; simply being intentional and following these three phases will get things moving quickly in your favor!

You are capable, and I have faith in you. See you all again soon – take care!

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