Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 6 -

Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+

Introduction of Easy AI Side Hustle Worth $600K+.

This digital store, click here, has successfully generated over $600,000. They do this by offering specific digital products that often go unnoticed in the market. In this article, we'll demonstrate how you can launch an artificial intelligence-powered side hustle business without difficulty – an Easy AI Side Hustle in particular!

Your product launch and sales start-up will go smoothly with this exclusive opportunity to access our confidential, prompt guide for MidJourney assistance; more on this valuable resource will be revealed further in this article.


Research Findings

Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 1 -
Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 1 –


Through extensive research, I discovered a significant demand for Watercolor ClipArt Graphics. Yet, competition for this niche appears relatively low due to the design expertise needed to create such graphics.

Clipart graphics, for those unfamiliar, are premade illustrations designed to increase visual appeal. PNG files with transparent backgrounds comprise this product on Etsy; searches reveal less competition than digital planners for this item.

I discovered a store specializing exclusively in selling clipart graphics across numerous niches and styles. Judging by reviews alone, this store generates substantial revenues.


Analyzing Shop Revenue

Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 2 -
Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 2 –


For additional insight, I used Allora as a paid tool to gain more details about the store's performance and to analyze its revenue stream. The astounding results: the store generated approximately $9,000 monthly revenue and made more than $600,000.

Scrolling through the listings allows us to assess various offerings. One listing featuring simple flower illustrations has estimated monthly earnings of $300 and total revenues surpassing $11,000; another earns around $400 monthly and has generated $8,000. Furthermore, an online store specializing in clipart graphics was discovered, which boasted monthly earnings of $3,000 with total revenues exceeding $100,000.

Demand for these products is high, and there is considerable opportunity for sales and differentiation. Our advantage lies in publishing more listings faster thanks to AI assistance – meaning faster sales for you! Similarly, reviewing reviews provides another way to measure success; we can determine if a product is profitable by looking at quantity and recency.

Reading reviews to ascertain customers' likes and dislikes and product applications is beneficial to further your strategy. Understanding this data will allow you to stand out among competitors.

Now is your opportunity to research to understand products and gather as much data as possible.


Creating Graphics with AI

Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 3 -
Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 3 –


Once you have an outline for your graphics, the next step should be creating them using Midjourney. Before beginning to generate images, ensure that Midjourney Bot is set to version five before initiating image generation.

To access this list, type a forward slash followed by “Settings.” For example, to recreate something similar to the “Wildflowers Clipart” product, copy its main keywords from its title and head directly to Midjourney.

Start by typing the word “Imagine,” pasting in design keywords, and pressing Enter. At completion, you will have four options, with two rows of buttons underneath your image as options for editing it further.

U1 stands for Upscaling, while V3 represents Variations. If you like the first image and wish to enlarge it, click “U1”, while if you prefer the third but want different variations, click “V3” for instant four options!

When you identify an attractive listing, understand its contents, such as the graphics and style employed. Review section comments to understand what people like and dislike before using these insights to develop your product accordingly.

Utilize product keywords as inspiration when drawing illustrations using Midjourney, and be bold enough to experiment with various prompts for added creativity. Once satisfied with your creations, download them.


Discovering More ClipArt Ideas

Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 4 -
Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 4 –


ChatGPT provides an additional method for brainstorming clipart ideas. Request that the bot compile a list of generic or specific clipart ideas before copying and pasting keywords onto MidJourney to start designing your actual design.

Not all images created through Midjourney possess high resolution. To ensure customer satisfaction with product quality, enlarge your image after downloading it from Midjourney and add any necessary text or instructions. This step should not be neglected but ensure customer satisfaction!

Various tools designed for this task are available, but I would choose an upscale AI image. Upload the image you'd like to enhance and choose an enlargement factor; opt for maximum options for high-quality illustrations, which are eight times.

Once complete, zoom in and compare the results; you should notice increased image quality. Download your image file and continue onto step two: prepping the product for sale.


Examples of ClipArt Ideas

  1. Whimsical woodland creatures – Featuring cute hand-drawn creatures like foxes, owls, and deer in an idyllic forest setting.
  2. Vibrant tropical plants and flowers – Showcasing lush foliage, exotic blooms, and vibrant botanical elements.
  3. Space-themed illustrations – For an outer space adventure, such as planets, stars, astronauts, and rocket ships.
  4. Nautical elements – Featuring anchors, lighthouses, sailboats, and marine life for a seaside motif.
  5. Vintage travel stickers – Inspired by retro luggage labels and postcards worldwide.
  6. Festive holiday clipart – With illustrations for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other special events.
  7. Hand-drawn food and drink items – Featuring fruits, vegetables, beverages, and desserts for a culinary theme.
  8. Geometric patterns and shapes – Featuring minimal modern designs featuring clean lines and vibrant hues.
  9. Inspirational quotes and typography – Utilizing motivational phrases with stylish fonts for various uses.
  10. Cute and cuddly baby animals – Showcasing adorable kittens, puppies, and baby birds depicted for an endearing yet charming feel is another approach to capturing youth-themed content.


Creating Transparent Background Images

Clipart images should be provided individually in a transparent PNG format. We aim to remove the background and isolate graphics, with Photopea as an effective means for this free alternative to Photoshop.

Begin by uploading and editing an enlarged image with a white background, making this task considerably simpler. On the left side of your toolbar, right-clicking the Eraser tool and selecting Magic Eraser from three options will let you easily erase the background. Click and drag over any part of the background to remove it.

Zoom in close to ensure proper removal of the background. Separate each illustration and place each into its template. Starting with one design, choose an appropriate tool from the toolbar, and draw a circle around it.

Press CTRL+X on your keyboard to cut your design, and create a new template by clicking File at the top and choosing New from there. Ensure the background setting is transparent before clicking Create to finish up.

Once your template has been created, use CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste in designs from Illustrator. When completed, export each one as a PNG file.


Uploading Designs to Google Drive

Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 5 -
Boost Your Income: Easy AI Side Hustle $600K+ 5 –


Your product should be finished at this stage, and you are ready to sell it. One effective method would be uploading all designs to a Google Drive folder and copying its link, then using Canva to create a simple PDF page with a button leading customers directly into it.

Customers who purchase the product will receive this PDF file. Upon clicking the button, they are taken directly to Google Drive to access Clipart illustrations. My preferred platform for finding customers and selling digital products is Etsy.


Challenges of Etsy

Though many may consider Etsy a challenging and competitive market, success can still be achieved if you know how to differentiate yourself. This could mean offering customers more excellent value than competitors or making your listing more eye-catching.

Individuals often make excuses not to invest effort into side hustles. I have also created a comprehensive article outlining how to set up and list an Etsy store, with instructions on listing your first item for sale.

As this article draws close, I want to thank all our readers for your continued support. You surely appreciate my experimenting and sharing my findings. However, I felt compelled to introduce this side hustle due to its immense potential combined with AI technology.


If you have any inquiries, feel free to leave them below in the comment section. Thank you again for reading, and I hope to see you again next time!

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