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Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days

Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k Intro

In just five days, my dropshipping business has skyrocketed to a fantastic 7000 dollars in profit. Are you curious? Keep your eyes peeled as I reveal the secrets of my remarkable success. Using Artificial Intelligence, I was able to locate an unattainable winning product which has become the cornerstone of my store's growth. What's more? I also have strategies and techniques that allow me to expand rapidly—interested in hearing more? Check back later for the rest of my tale.

I am thrilled to share my incredible journey from zero to seven thousand dollars with all of you. The significant part is that it was accomplished within five days! While this may sound too good to be true, my experiences have taught me that selecting the ideal product is one of the key elements in dropshipping success. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence has provided me with invaluable assistance in finding that ideal item.

But having a successful product is only the start. Numerous strategies and methods for expanding a business quickly and effectively have given me an edge over my competitors. I am well-versed in dropshipping and have perfected my techniques through trial and error. Furthermore, I've learned the value of effective advertising, efficient logistics, and top-notch customer service – all of which could be replicated by anyone looking to be successful with drop shipping.


Finding the Winning Product

Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 2 - taraan.com
Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 2 – taraan.com

I'm fully immersed in my world of TikTok ads, but finding a successful product is essential for success in dropshipping. Fortunately, Manya – the premier product research platform – recently released an advanced business plan with all the most advanced features for searching for products. This makes finding the correct item much simpler!

Manya's cutting-edge tool allows her to scrape advertisements across Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok and analyze which items generate the highest interest and revenue.

If you want to use this incredible tool, I suggest creating an account through Manya using the provided hyperlink. As a longtime partner with The channel, Manya sponsors today's show, and you can try it out without using your credit card!

Let me demonstrate how effective This tool is for product research. At present, every item included in Manya's award-winning product search feature generates revenue. It just takes finding those best suited to TikTok; take, for instance, a laser hair-removing device that has been a top performer for some time now.

Manya's product analysis reveals that the item is prominently featured on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram ads. By clicking the “see product” button, we can get a more detailed insight into how much revenue this product earns daily.

Over the past few days, my dropshipping shop has experienced an up-and-down income-generating journey. Yesterday it earned an astounding 8K; on its last day, it brought in around 11K; however, just two weeks prior, revenue had dropped to only 300 dollars. Despite these revenue fluctuations, however, our store is growing quickly, which is a positive sign.

I find it invaluable to stay abreast of our competitors' video ads to stay one step ahead. Manya, the research platform I mentioned earlier, allows us to access and save any ads our competitors use – this is especially useful since it enables us to use these videos for product promotion.

Let's check out the winner on Manya: shapewear. After doing my due diligence, I discovered an item that caught my attention: it has performed exceptionally well over the past week, with total sales of $10K and daily profits of 1K. It is interesting that all traffic to this product comes from Pinterest; clicking “see product” gives you a closer look at store revenue per day.

I believe it's time to locate an item on AliExpress and start building our online store. When we launch ads, Manya can help us craft captivating video ads; however, first, we must lay a strong foundation for our store.


Importing Products to Shopify

Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 3 - taraan.com
Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 3 – taraan.com

To import items into our Shopify store, we first visited AliExpress and looked for clothing. One item caught our eye as it had sold 5,000 units and even seen dropshipping through TikTok before. Available in beige, black, and brown at $7.99 each, we selected it and imported it into the Shopify store. Once selected, these products can be easily added to your inventory via Shopify!

As we began our journey, we discovered the most straightforward way to import items from AliExpress to Shopify using the Auto DS application. The process took only minutes; all required was adding the product to our store and copying its AliExpress URL into its designated field. After clicking “publish to store,” the item was published within two minutes!

We noticed the product's AliExpress description, name, and pictures were generic. To make our website appear more professional and brand-named, we needed to customize its look. Luckily, AI-assisted us in quickly creating a visually appealing store with precision in just moments!

Once the item is uploaded to our store, customers can visit its Shopify product page to view the shaped bodysuit. We'll share easy-to-follow methods in future blog posts to further personalize and enhance our site's aesthetic appeal.


Creating a Branded Store with ChatGPT

Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 4 - taraan.com
Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 4 – taraan.com

Create a shapewear brand with ChatGPT! When we asked them for help developing a branded store name for our shapewear brand, they provided us with 15 options – of which Snatched Clothing was our favorite.

Once we selected our store name, we renamed our product to Snatched Sculpting Bodysuit and deleted its previous description. To import a pre-built theme onto Shopify for our Shopify store – which can be accessed by joining Discord as a premium member – we clicked customize to make changes to each product page.

To make our product page more informative, we created a skeleton gear at the top that listed our product's main benefits and four micro-features. Scrolling down, we added tabs highlighting essential information about our product, such as five-star reviews, leading benefits, some micro-benefits, objections or questions customers may have, and a 30-day guarantee. At bottom of the page, we added an FAQ section and imported some reviews to give it more credibility.

For our product description, we turned to ChatGPT for assistance. Their writing style perfectly fit our requirements and captured the essence of what we were selling. As a result, we achieved an organized and effective product page that showcased our brand in its best light.


Launching Our Profitable Product

Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 5 - taraan.com
Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 5 – taraan.com

We have finished building our website and are eager to launch our profitable product. Let us take you on a tour through every page, explaining why we believe this offer will be successful.

First and foremost, we switched to mobile view since all traffic would come from TikTok. Secondly, we decided not to offer free shipping on our store; instead, customers who purchase two or more units receive complimentary shipping – setting Snatched apart from other drop shippers and creating a credible brand image. Our logo was designed in Photoshop using one word with a period as its only element.

Our product photos were taken directly from AliExpress, so we didn't need to do anything special there. Our reviews currently have four stars and come from AliExpress; however, some customers have put irrelevant photos or given one-star ratings for unclear reasons. Nonetheless, overall our presentation appears good overall. To make them more noticeable, we used emojis that stand out and have some contrast against the background.

By scrolling down, customers can select from three colors – black, beige, and brown. We tested this feature to guarantee it worked correctly.

Here, we believe our offer will shine. We have implemented Bundle Bear, which allows customers to bundle products and save money. For instance, if they buy two or more units of our product, they will receive free shipping – encouraging them to buy more and increasing our profits in the process!


Utilizing Bundle Bear to Increase Margin Potential

We installed Bundle Bear, an app that allows customers to get a massive discount when they purchase two or more units of our product. For example, if they buy two units, they can get them for $18 each, plus free shipping. If they purchase three pairs, they can get them for $16 each, also with free shipping. This allows us to offer considerable savings to customers while increasing our profit margins. With this approach, we can quickly become profitable and avoid the struggle of selling low-cost items.

Scrolling down, we included charts with essential information such as a sizing chart, materials, guarantee, and shipping. We also have a review section with reviews taken from AliExpress. We used icons from flaticon.com.


Bundle Bear is an app that gives customers a significant discount when they buy two or more units of our product. For instance, if they buy two pairs, they can get them for $18 each plus free shipping; if three pairs are purchased at once, customers receive $16 each with complimentary shipping. With this approach, we can offer significant savings while quickly increasing our profit margins – eliminating the struggle of selling low-cost items.

As you scroll down, we include charts with necessary information like sizing charts, materials, guarantees, and shipping. Plus, we have reviews taken from AliExpress that you can read. Lastly, we used icons from Flaticon for visual appeal.


Addressing Common Objections and Questions

To address common objections and questions, we included text that explains how our product is comfortable to wear all day and fits all body types. Furthermore, we included a guarantee and an FAQ section that answers commonly asked queries.

Overall, we have created a professional and effective website that presents our product and brand in its best light. We can confidently launch ads, knowing they will likely yield positive outcomes. Let's head to the TikTok ads manager to set up these ads now.


Launching Ads on TikTok

Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 6 - taraan.com
Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 6 – taraan.com

To launch our ads, we first came to the create section and created our low-budget testing strategy, which was explained in a previous video. We will be replicating that exact strategy in this video. We will be running our ads on TikTok only, targeting the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, focusing on female audiences aged 18 and above. We scheduled our ads to go up at midnight tomorrow.

To get ad creatives, we returned to our competitor, Manya, who ran Pinterest ads. We used the ad spy tool on Manya to search for shapewear videos that had good traction in the past. We added some likes and views filters to make our search easier. We found a video that looked like a good start but needed some editing to make it more appealing to our target audience.

We downloaded the video and edited it to make it more attractive. We continued scrolling through the ad spy tool to find more ad creatives. We were looking for the exact product we were selling and found a few that fit the bill.



Before we launched our ads, we first created a low-budget testing strategy which was explained in another video. We will be repeating that same approach with this video. Our ads will run only on TikTok and target female audiences aged 18 or older in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom; they are scheduled to go up at midnight tomorrow night.

To find ad creatives, we turned to Our competitor Manya who ran Pinterest ads. Utilizing their ad spy tool on Manya, we searched for shapewear videos that had previously gained traction. We added its likes and views filters to narrow down our search further; eventually, we settled on a video that had potential but needed further refinement to appeal more to our target audience.

We downloaded and edited the video to make it more captivating. Then we continued browsing through AdSpy to uncover other ad creatives tailored towards selling our product – we found several that fit the bill perfectly.


Editing and Uploading Ad Creatives

Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 7 - taraan.com
Dropshipping on TikTok How I Made $7k in Just 5 Days 7 – taraan.com

We found three videos that best demonstrated our product and downloaded them. To make them more captivating and add text for emphasis, we added five lines per video, with each message repeated five times. Furthermore, we included our website URL and tested its link to verify it worked properly.

After uploading our three videos to TikTok, we created five duplicate ad groups for our shapewear testing CBO. All five needed only to be updated with an effective date; thus, all five went live at midnight the following night.

We approved our ads and allowed them to run for 24 hours.


The END Results

Today I will give you the results of our ad campaign. Starting with day one, our launch day, we had four orders and generated revenue of $154 from $50 in ads. That left us with a profit of $35! With five ad groups running simultaneously on Day 1 CBO at Ridge, three resulted in purchases; ad group four performed best, producing two sales and $74 revenue, while ads two and one each got us one sale each.

As we were profitable on day one, we decided to move ahead with day two and launch our bid campaign. You may have seen it in many of our videos; if not, I have it carded for your reference. While I recommend leaving the original campaign running, I have turned off this YouTube video so you can view the results from our bid campaign without any confusion. We wanted one consistent message across all platforms.

On day two, we are thrilled to report that we brought in seven orders and generated $259 in revenue. That means $83 was made, and only $81 was spent on ads – leaving us with an overall profit of $83. We looked at each bid individually; the first spent $25 without making a single sale, so it may be best to turn it off. However, bids 11-8 and 7 performed exceptionally well; bid 11 spent $14.88 but generated $80 worth of revenue, giving us five times our ad spend back.

That means we received five dollars back in-store revenue for every dollar spent. The eight-dollar bid spent $35 and made $144 back, giving us huge returns, while the $7 bid spent only $7 but generated five times its ad spend back – $34.90!

Combining the results of days one and two, we are thrilled to report that we had 11 orders which generated $400 in revenue with a profit of $100. We plan on duplicating all those bids which resulted in sales into separate campaigns, increasing each bid amount by 10 cents to find other profitable bids within this range. We plan on leaving these ads running all day tomorrow and will provide an update after day four.

We experienced our biggest day yet on day five – over $4,000 in in-store revenue! Let's look closer at our daily profit and loss to show how we scaled up.

On December 24th and 25, we launched our original day-one campaign with ten bids, and on day three, we duplicated its top-performing ads into a new campaign. On day three alone, we brought in 27 orders which generated over $1,000 worth of store revenue – leaving us with an overall profit of $215.

Let's take a closer look at the profit and loss for this product over the last week. We've had 195 orders, generating over $7,000 in revenue. However, after deducting expenses like ads and shipping, we spent $4,600, leaving us with an overall profit of $2,600 and a 36% margin over these last five days.

Let's now take a closer look at our TikTok ads manager. Our initial bid campaign had ten bids, but we shut off all but the profitable ones on day one. Over the past week, this campaign has spent $500 and generated $2,100 in-store revenue. Additionally, we duplicated our top-performing bids into another campaign that has spent $1,200 recently and generated over $5,000 in-store revenue. Throughout these processes, we left them alone so they could develop naturally over time.

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