Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed 5 -

Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed

Selling AI Art Revealed Introduction

In this comprehensive article, we will conduct an in-depth case study of an Etsy store that opened for business at the start of March and has since sold AI art pieces created with MidJourney software – known for producing remarkable AI pieces – since selling. By providing insight into their experience as new AI art sellers and insights into the results, advantages, and challenges of selling AI pieces.

In the following sections, we will explore various aspects of Selling AI Art, from what kind of results one should expect and the pros and cons associated with this innovative business model to shedding light on specific strategies employed by an AI art store and providing readers with a thorough understanding of all of its intricacies involved in operating such stores successfully. Each paragraph will be concise yet informative to ensure an engaging reading experience and easily digestible information.


Understanding Artificial Intelligence Art and Its Market Potential

Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed 1 -
Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed 1 –


Let us begin by answering an essential question: what is AI art? GPT-3 and now GPT-4 technology have recently made waves on social media platforms. An AI revolution is occurring before our eyes – with new software updates emerging almost daily – leading many people to wonder about art generated through artificial intelligence (AI). Thus, AI-generated art has quickly become a topic of conversation.

AI art is an innovative artistic expression that combines advanced artificial intelligence technologies with traditional artistic sensibilities. An essential software used in AI art creation is MidJourney, which produces stunning images with impressive quality. Recently, an update called MidJourney 5 further enhanced this software and made it more user-friendly.

MidJourney requires having a Discord account to communicate with other AI art enthusiasts on its platform, serving as a means of interaction among members. While MidJourney offers free and paid plans starting at $10 monthly for sellers looking to establish themselves within this sector. There are different tiers available that cater to various needs and budgets – making AI art selling an accessible business venture that's worth looking into for many!


Pros and Cons of Selling AI Art on Etsy

Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed 2 -
Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed 2 –


Let's consider both advantages and drawbacks of Selling AI Art on Etsy, starting with its benefits. One major pro is the limitless potential for creating and selling AI-generated art on Etsy; as your AI-generated artwork increases, so too will your potential revenue stream on Etsy; this marketplace supports digital products, so sellers may list as many digital pieces as they wish. Furthermore, margins on digital pieces can often exceed 50% of the profit.

Selling AI Art on Etsy involves several expenses, primarily the platform fees and any advertising costs incurred. Etsy advertisements are particularly beneficial for new stores lacking reviews or an established reputation; one advantage of this business model is its passive nature: once your product is listed for sale on the platform, order fulfillment takes care of itself automatically, allowing you to enjoy a hands-off approach to making money.

Customer service needs on Etsy are usually minimal, as most customers experience no difficulties with their purchases. Sellers usually receive inquiries regarding customers not receiving their download links, and Etsy does not support returns for digital products, further streamlining this process.

Though AI art on Etsy offers numerous benefits, there are also some drawbacks. One key disadvantage is the time investment required for the creation and packaging for sale on Etsy. This process may take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour per bundle, depending on quality and file size; accordingly, you may have to commit significant time upfront to achieve desired results.


My Strategy for Success

Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed 3 -
Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed 3 –


I adopted an effective yet straightforward strategy to achieve my desired results when selling AI Art on Etsy. This involved creating bundles of 20 PNGs based on popular themes already present on Etsy; EverBee provides insightful data from multiple stores about sales data that was invaluable when tracking trends on Etsy.

Etsy allows users to evaluate the success of other stores within an AI art niche and identify best-selling products. I used this data to create similar, yet distinct, AI-generated art; my goal was to cater to my target audience without directly copying other sellers' work for further understanding of EverBee and how best to utilize it.

One popular theme I discovered was mushroom-themed AI art. Noticing red mushroom images selling well, I offered similar yet distinct pink mushroom PNGs in bundle form to attract customers who already appreciated mushroom art. This strategy proved effective; Etsy's algorithm recognized similarities between my pink mushroom bundle and its best-selling red counterpart and would often recommend my product when recommending it to potential customers.

As promised, in the following sections, we will examine my Etsy store's performance and discuss its outcomes by applying this strategy. As with previous chapters, information will be presented concisely so readers can quickly comprehend its content.


Main Dashboard Analysis

Here's a sneak peek into my Etsy store that I opened last month. As of early morning today, five orders have come through for $9 revenue – which may not seem like much, but as we progress through the day, I anticipate earning even more! All data remains unchanged!

Yesterday was my store's inaugural day to generate $50 in sales, so here I present its statistics as I break down its performance for an entire month.

From March 1st through March 27th, my store saw 2,367 visitors who generated 216 orders at an impressive 9.1% conversion rate; any conversion rate greater than 2% is considered high in marketing terms. Overall revenue for the store amounted to $487, with most traffic coming through Etsy search, app, and marketing SEO strategies.

Etsy ads have proven highly successful at increasing my sales. Since running $5 ads across my listings, Etsy's conversion rate has been 6%-11%.

Revenue has steadily risen, with slow days gradually giving way to more successful ones. Although, due to timezone differences, the daily breakdown may not accurately represent store performance, it is evident that daily revenue averages around $30 with potential for growth as more bundles are listed for sale.


Payment Account Analysis Tab.

Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed 4 -
Amazing 30-Day Journey: Selling AI Art Revealed 4 –


As we're currently at the Payment Account Tab, where we can view your actual profits, I will walk through sales generated, fees paid, and actual profits made in selling AI Art. Let's discuss sales generated, which totaled $489; of this amount, $156 was spent on fees such as listing, transaction, and processing fees (no shipping costs are applied when automated sales occur).

Marketing costs should also be considered an integral component of business operations. I used Etsy ads effectively and generated over $123.67 in marketing fees alone – offsite ads only cost 67 cents each. At the same time, no sales tax or subscription expenses were incurred, so total marketing expenses totaled $123.67.

Now let's focus on the actual profits generated from selling AI Art. In March alone, this brand-new account earned $207.74 with only 23 listings – quite an accomplishment, given there were no reviews or other promotional tactics! I plan to increase this business with other listings and, ultimately, more profits.

Selling AI Art on Etsy can be an extremely profitable venture. With minimal effort, you can generate passive income while expanding your business to achieve even more outstanding results. As evident from the first month's results, there is immense growth potential in this niche of the art market.


Thank you for reading this article; I hope it was both educational and insightful. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them below or reach out directly for further details about selling AI Art on Etsy and other passive income streams – I look forward to sharing more of my journey and experiences in future articles – thank you again for reading!

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